Hi Readers, I have  interesting notes regarding Buckwheat  { Fagopyrum esculentum} that again I gathered from the ABC’s landline Brett Ryan a  Farmer central west  NSW  added buckwheat to add a summer crop into his rotation. Buckwheat dosesn’t like heat or frost but with a short growing […]

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The Impact of Gluten

Hi Readers, I took some note from ABC’s Landline and this is what Dr Jane Muir from Melbournes Monash University which is at the Forefront of Nutritional impact of gluten had to say. Some wheat proteins are the bad guys when it comes to coeliac disease,they are […]

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Delicious Pies Made for Various Diets and Appetites 

People with specialized diets have to be careful with what goes into their foods and they  often find very few variations of what they need in their local markets.  They have to  make the most of what they eat, carefully watching what ingredients they use.  However,  it can be time consuming to try and come up with new recipes for meals that follow the  dietary guidelines they are adhering to.  This is precisely why we make pies and snacks  that complement many different diet philosophies, including selections for vegans,  vegetarians, and for those who require gluten free food. It’s now easier than ever to still  enjoy amazing, quality food when you have special dietary restrictions. Our gluten free pies are made with gluten free flours and extra virgin olive oil  specifically made in Australia.  Like all of our products, they are preservative free and  contain no GMOs.  Every pie and roll is hand crafted with organic ingredients and spices  that we grind ourselves.   What’s more is our recipes reflect flavours found all over the world in places like Mexico,  Italy, and Thailand, among many others.  The vegetables and herbs we use are brought to  our kitchens daily from local organic farms and we buy others from Australia food  suppliers so our products are completely made from local sources. We take great pride in  offering people quality, hand made food that is truly Australian.  The pies we make are found in the freezer section of your local market in many locations  throughout Australia.  They are sold in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland,  Victoria, Tasmania. By buying our wholesale food, Brisbane businesses, as well as those in  other locations, can offer our pies to the retail stores near you.  To find out where you can  find and buy our pies and rolls, contact our offices directly on 0266857310.

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Australian Gourmet at it’s Best: Try One of Our Pies Tonight

Striving to meet the needs of people who are looking to add high quality foods to their families’ meals, Byron Gourmet Pies uses only the freshest ingredients we can find in all of the food we produce. Our food suppliers are almost entirely local or based in Australia, such as the local farms from which we buy our vegetables and herbs and who are committed to growing only organic foods.  Real butter is used for many of our recipes, as is Australian produced extra virgin olive oil, and we also go the extra step in grinding all of the spices we use in our kitchens. There’s no doubt about it, you can taste the difference in all of the pastries we make. We take our inspiration for our flavoursome handcrafted pies from cuisines all over the world.  Whether you like Mexican food, French or Thai, you will find something you like on our menu.Though our food is found in the frozen food aisle, Our pastry is handmade our competitors are generally making food product which is mass produced at vast automated facilities. Each of our pies and rolls are handmade to the specifications of our company’s founder, a classically trained French pastry chef. While Byron Gourmet Pies has since been handed over to new owners, his recipes and high standards of quality are still evident in all of our daily  operations. Our Australian gourmet pastries come in a wide variety of flavours, including selections made just for those with special dietary needs and lifestyles.  Whether you need a gluten free product or you are a vegetarian or vegan, we have pies that you can add to your own personal menu of foods.  The good news, too, is that our company is also committed to using products free of preservatives and genetic mutation.To find out where you can find our pies and rolls, contact us and we will be happy to tell you, alternatively check our […]

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Think it’s Difficult to Set Your Table with Tasty and Healthy Foods? Try Byron Gourmet Pies!

Finding nutritious foods that your family will like and eat is difficult enough without scouring all the ingredients of everything you buy to ensure they are not getting foods laced with preservatives and a high GM content. Most people have busy lives and don’t have the time […]

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Want Something Different and Nutritious to Serve Your Family? Consider our Pies!

Variety in a diet is very important as it is easy to get tired of eating the same things over and over again. For people who are adhering to special diets or who have dietary restrictions due to food allergies or personal philosophies, it is even more […]

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Gourmet Pies and Rolls Made to the Highest Standards of Quality

Thanks to the efforts of many small food producers, there are now many varieties of specialty made foods available to satisfy the appetites of almost anyone.

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We Make the Delicious, Healthy Foods You’ve Been Looking For

More food distributors are making the effort to find foods that address people’s increasing concerns about artificial and chemical ingredients. More research questioning the health effects of growth hormones and preservatives in foods consumed every day, as well as the unknown effects of genetic modification of food […]

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