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Byron Gourmet Pies is Setting a New Standard for Gluten Free Food

In recent years, an overwhelming number of people have been diagnosed with celiac disease and wheat allergies. As demand has grown, the selection and variety of gluten free food that’s available has too, much to the relief of those who can no longer eat foods made from regular flours and a whole host of other food items that contain gluten.

But, despite this progress, those who have to eat gluten free are still pretty limited, especially when it comes to finding wholesome, handmade foods that contain local ingredients. Sure, the freezer aisle of your local grocery store probably has a selection of gluten free items, but that doesn’t mean they’re tasty, affordable or even made from quality ingredients. A large portion of these foods are no more nutritious than the rest of the packaged foods the grocery store sells, they just happen to be gluten free.

That’s why, in addition to all of the other items we make and sell, Byron Gourmet Pies has added a selection of gluten free pies. For most people who must avoid gluten, the thought of being able to once again eat a pie with delicious, pastry has been but a dream—that is until now! What’s more is that all of our pies are made with the freshest of ingredients that are locally sourced, whenever possible.

We use a combination of gluten free flours and extra virgin olive oil to make rich, quality pastry for all our gluten free pies. Then, beneath these tasty crusts are fillings that include curried lentil, thai chicken, Gado, Mexican and steak. Just like grandma used to make but only better!

With Byron Gourmet Pies, it’s now just that much easier to find and buy nutritious, gluten free, organic foods online.