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Family Favorites that have been Made Healthier


The popularity of artisan foods has increased greatly due to people wanting to make some of their favorite dishes as healthy for themselves as possible. These foods use high quality ingredients like real butter, olive oil and organically grown foods in their recipies, making them more nutritious than the versions people have grown to love.


At Byron Gourmet Pies, we make our gourmet food from the freshest food supplies we can get, buying them from farms and having the vegetables and herbs we use brought into our kitchens fresh each day. Many of our ingredients are organically grown and contain no added preservatives or genetic alterations. Only real butter or Australian extra virgin olive oil is used in our pastry dough.


While many food manufacturers use a mechanical process to mas produce their products we prepare our pies by hand us in the recipes created by our founder, a classically trained French Pastry Chef. The exceptionally high standards he used to create the many recipes are still be continued throughout our kitchens daily operations. Only the best products roll out of our kitchens and make it to your Local Retail Outlet or your Family’s Table.

What’s more our recipes are recreations of some of the world’s finest cuisines, such as French, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, Thai, Indian and Australian. Our Pies also come in varieties for Vegans, Vegetarians, and those who require Gluten Free Food.


Frozen food distributors deliver our products to retail stores thoughout most of Australia. Our pies can be bought in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, The Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania.