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Gluten Free Magazine

Gluten Free Magazine


We have been advertising in Australia’s first online Gluten Free magazine here is some info about them.

With over 25,000 readers and 20,000 facebook followers  Bianca Chugg has started something  big with info on Gluten Free products.


yum.” It’s the universal word for flavour and great taste. It’s the verbal reward for any cook who has spent time beside a kitchen bench. It is also the name of the latest Australian online magazine celebrating, exploring, understanding, informing and reviewing anything and everything gluten free.

A talented and experienced publishing team has come together to finally create an informative online publication celebrating all things in the world of gluten free. yum. gluten free magazine not only delivers recipes to help at meal times but discusses gluten-free topics like types of gluten-free flours, converting recipes and sourcing healthier options. The magazine will also feature product reviews, eating out, blogs, websites and apps – the list is never ending. And we have a huge list of well known gluten-free personalities on board as yum. gluten free magazine contributors, each of them with their own substantial individual followings that yum. also looks forward to connecting with.

Coeliac disease is a common condition which affects 1 per cent of people in the Western world. It is more common among Caucasians and less common among people of African and Asian descent. In Australia, it occurs in at least 1 in every 100 people. Symptoms may start at any age, ranging from infancy to adulthood. For unknown reasons, it is 2-3 times more common in women than men. The estimated number of people with Coeliac disease in Australia is about 230,000. This estimate does not included people with a gluten intolerance or people who choose to maintain a gluten-free diet.


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