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Making Home Made Favourites for Your Table

Hand crafted foods are becoming more and more common as people try to recreate favourite dishes made from healthier, organic ingredients. These foods are often childhood favourites or foods people find comfort in eating. Remember the nourishing homemade pies grandma used to make? Well, Byron Gourmet Pies does give grandma a run for her money!

We make pies and rolls that are favourites for many people, but we put our own special touch in them by using flavours found throughout other regions of the world, as well as Australia. Whether you prefer Mexican, Thai, or Italian food, Gluten free or Spelt Products, we have a pie hand crafted just for you.

We not only make healthier alternatives to old favourites, but we make them in varieties that will fit into everyones dietary regimen. We make our pies and rolls in vegan and vegetarian varieties, as well as famous traditional meat filled pies. Even those people suffering from celiac disease can find comfort in our deliciously flaky, gluten free pies. Choose from pies such as Mexican Beef, Curry Steak, or Chicken Mornay pie. We also offer pastry rolls in varieties like sausage or spinach cheese that make excellent snacks or meals on the go.

Our snacks and pies are made with only the freshest organic ingredients that we can get our hands on. When a food supplier brings us our flour, rice, tofu or vegetables, you know they are, preservative-free. At Byron Gourmet Pies, we also feel strongly about supporting local providers and so we do what we can to source many of our ingredients from local farms and food manufacturers.

We sell our products to companies throughout Australia. To find a retail location nearest you, just call our offices on 02 66856473.

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