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Pasturefed beef scheme launched at Beenleigh

A NEW certification scheme for beef producers was launched in Beenleigh on Monday.Cattle Council Council of Australia has launched the new Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System to be known as PCAS.

PCAS is a voluntary certification arrangement that will enable the grassfed beef production supply chain to provide “Certified Pasturefed” cattle to the market place.

The voluntary certification arrangement was launched at Teys Australia’s Beenleigh facility by Geoff Teys and AgForce Cattle president Howard Smith.

A website has also been launched to support the scheme:www.certifiedpasturefed.com.au


Mr Smith told Queensland Country Life that PCAS would enable the beef production supply chain to uphold its integrity by providing “certified pasturefed” cattle to the market place.

About 20 producers attended the launch including Ian McCamley, Lowesby, Rolleston, said the scheme would provide more value for the beef supply chain.

Teys Australia’s already estabished Grasslands Premium Beef brand was served at the launch. The Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System would further underpin he intregrity of that brand, My Teys said.

Under the certification scheme, pasturefed beef is both HGP and antibiotic free.

Producers could obtain a Certified Pasturefed status in three steps:

1. Undertaking an online self-audit to determine eligibility.

2. Registering their property and paying an administration fee.

3. Successfully completing an on-site audit.

Mr Smith, who is also the president of AgForce Cattle, said it has long been the claim that Australia produces the best grassfed beef in the world.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Australian producers to uphold the integrity of that claim using a certified system,” Mr Smith said.

“PCAS allows for premium, high quality, grassfed beef to be branded and recognised.

“A large portion of Australia’s cattle herd is exclusively pasturefed but beef from these cattle is rarely differentiated in the marketplace.

 PCAS will provide producers with a valuable marketing opportunity.” Cattle Council chief executive officer Jed Matz said the certification program provides an industry recognised standard that supports claims surrounding production methods and provides the assurance that discerning consumers are demanding. Underpinning PCAS are the PCAS Standards which govern the on-farm feed requirements and traceability of the cattle as well as pre-slaughter handling practices which influence eating quality. The standards also include two optional modules to support claims relating to freedom from hormone growth promotants (HGPs) and antibiotics. “Through industry consultation the PCAS Standards have been developed to work in both the domestic and international markets and they have been piloted with producers to ensure they work on-farm. “The on-farm practices and records that need to be maintained to meet the standards should not be out of the ordinary for a typical grassfed beef production enterprise,” Mr Matz said. “Processors, wholesalers and retailers may choose to affix their own pasturefed or grassfed brand to cattle sourced from Certified Pasturefed properties. Their brands then become supported by a certified and assured process.” Teys Australia general manager of marketing Mark Ellison said consumers were more discerning than ever around the origins of their food. “Teys view the launch of PCAS as a critical element in delivering supply chain integrity around a certified pasturefed offering while capitalising on Australia’s unique position as a world leader in supplying high quality grassfed beef to the market place,” Mr Ellison said. “PCAS will underpin the Teys ‘Grasslands’ umbrella brands which target the consumer who shops with a conscience, cares about sustainable production, the provenance of their produce and having a great eating experience.” Mr Matz said there were ongoing discussions with other processors, wholesalers to develop broader supply chain support.

Brad Cooper

This article was courtesy of “The Land”



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