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Think it’s Difficult to Set Your Table with Tasty and Healthy Foods? Try Byron Gourmet Pies!

Finding nutritious foods that your family will like and eat is difficult enough without scouring all the ingredients of everything you buy to ensure they are not getting foods laced with preservatives and a high GM content. Most people have busy lives and don’t have the time to read every label when preparing meals. However, food distributors like Byron’s Gourmet Pies of Australia are making it easier to put healthy, delicious food on their tables. With a commitment to recognising and respecting the various dietary restrictions and habits our customers have, Byron Gourmet Pies offers products that fit into just about everyone’s lifestyle. There are alternatives for vegetarians and vegans as well as those who enjoy eating beef, chicken and fish. We use only the freshest ingredients with our vegetables and herbs grown by local organic farms and delivered to us daily. We also grind our own spices and use Australian made extra virgin olive oil in our recipes.

While most people may cringe at the idea of organic snacks, Byron Gourmet Pies has several that are not only made from our fresh, organic ingredients, but they can dazzle the most discriminating taste buds. Customers throughout most of Australia can choose from sausage rolls, a spinach and cheese roll, along with a variety of savoury pies.

Made in Byron Bay, NSW, Byron Gourmet Pies are available at retail outlets throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and The Northern Territory.

We make all our pies by hand to ensure the quality of our product and they are made with ingredients Locally ensure freshness. Byron Gourmet Pies is committed to bringing the freshest, best tasting product to your table that we can.