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Want Something Different and Nutritious to Serve Your Family? Consider our Pies!

Variety in a diet is very important as it is easy to get tired of eating the same things over
and over again. For people who are adhering to special diets or who have dietary
restrictions due to food allergies or personal philosophies, it is even more important to
find new dishes they can add to their meal selections.
Byron Gourmet Pies has a menu of vegetable and meat pies made and frozen fresh, using
only the best ingredients we can find. We respect the divergent food philosophies
people have and we offer a selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free pies to fulfill those
customers’ needs.
While not many people think of frozen foods when they think of organic food, each of our
hand made pies and rolls use only the best ingredients in their recipes. All of the
vegetables and herbs are bought from local farms and delivered to our kitchens
daily to ensure freshness and quality.
All of the flours, rice, and steak that go into our pies are also organically grown and
are preservative and GMO free. We use only real butter and Australian extra virgin olive
oils and grind the spices for our products ourselves. Each pie or roll is hand made to
ensure the high standard of quality that we demand for our products.
We celebrate the various cuisines of the world with Italian, Mexican, and Thai flavours,
as well as many others. Our pies and snacks are sold in many retail locations throughout
most of Australia.
We sell our pies wholesale to businesses in NSW, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia,Tasmania and Queensland.

To become one of our products’ food suppliers, Melbourne and Perth business owners
can contact our offices directly for more information.