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We Make the Delicious, Healthy Foods You’ve Been Looking For

More food distributors are making the effort to find foods that address people’s increasing concerns about artificial and chemical ingredients. More research questioning the health effects of growth hormones and preservatives in foods consumed every day, as well as the unknown effects of genetic modification of food products, the demand for fresh organically grown food is growing. Also, with families constantly on the go, there is more demand for convenience foods to be more healthy as well.


Pies and rolls made by our company address these concerns. We buy the freshest grown products we can to put into our award winning recipies. The vegetables and herbs used in the pies are bought from locally owned farms and delivered to us daily to ensure their quality. We take the time to not only grind all the spices used in each recipe, but all of the products are cut by hand rather than processed mechanically like most other pre-made foods.


Our business is family owned and operated from Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia’s most easterly point. Our pies and rolls are distributed throughout Australia in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, The Northern Territory and Tasmania.


The Founder of the Byron Gourmet Pies was trained in French Pastry Making in Franceand he brought his talent to our Aussie vegetable and meat Pies.


If you are a distributor servicing retails outlet that have a need for quality gourmet food please don’t hesitate to call our office and organise some sample to be sent to you.


Our phone number is 02 66856473 and we are located in Byron Bay, New South Wales.